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2 Days Leadership Summit on Gender equality and Climate action.

The PCCC 2-Day Leadership summit is being organized as a dedicated period, solely to discuss the importance of gender equality and climate Action. One step towards achieving gender equality and climate Action is to provide much education and exposure to professionals, while we expose the associated future risk and impact to human health, energy, globalization, agriculture, poverty, food security, water and the entire ecosystem. This summit is going to be a unique Summit because it's designed to address the importance of the private sector and small business owners as agents of solutions to climate risk and gender inequality.

OBJECTIVES:The main objectives of this 2-day Leadership summit are to bring together a group of committed professionals to discuss the 5th UN SDG (Gender Equality) and the 13th UN SDG (Climate Action). The summit seeks to propose practical solutions for the problems facing the world, especially our cities and Metropolitan areas which drive the entire world economy. As gender inequality and climate change continue to hinder world peace, economic growth, politics and equal governance, members of PCCC, after the end of year member meeting have decided to rally and provide solutions which are intended to solve climate change issues and gender inequality.

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