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  • Financial support for career growth
    - Scholarships to attend relevant workshops, seminars and Job-related training. - Scholarships to attend boot camps for major career certifications and Exams. - Financial and professional support for candidates with interest in politics and public service. - Partial payment and support to file for immigration purposes. - Sponsorship to attend leadership summit worldwide.
  • Job search assistance
    Job search assistance: resume and interview assistance. Career advise, job referrals and in house hiring.
  • Financial awards & club recognition
    Awards and recognition for learning new languages. Partial finance for startup businesses. (not more than $10000) Assistance and sponsorship for book writing and authoring.
  • Quarterly informational seminars
    An informational session to educate members on the following: Annual income tax filing requirements. Credit building process. Home buying and flipping. Filing Immigration paperwork.
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