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Plus Consulting

Career Club

"Empowering African Professionals to Thrive"

Plus Consulting Career Club offers expert guidance, educational, career support, and cultural arts training for professional growth. Join us and unlock your potential today!"

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About PCCC

The Plus Consulting Career Club serves as a platform where a select cadre of African professionals converge, collaborating harmoniously to leverage the collective expertise, skills, and talents of its members for mutual professional advancement.

Come, journey with us through Africa's embrace, Where heritage and tradition dance with grace.

In every moment, hear the continent's beat,
A symphony of history, rich and sweet.

Behold the magic as it takes its flight,
In every frame, Africa's timeless light.

A tapestry woven with stories untold,
In vibrant hues of red, green, and gold.

Join us in this celebration grand,
Of beauty and spirit across the land.

For Africa's legacy, profound and true,
A treasure trove awaiting me and you.

About PCAA

Plus Consulting Art Academy's mission is to strengthen cultural identity through education and celebration.

We promote cultural awareness, offer educational opportunities, foster social connections, and celebrate our rich heritage and traditions of West Africa

About us
What we offer
What we offer

financial support for career growth

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job search Assistance

Performing arts, Cultural Education and training

quarterly informational seminars


Our Arts Accademy

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  • Financial support for career growth
    - Scholarships to attend relevant workshops, seminars and Job-related training. - Scholarships to attend boot camps for major career certifications and Exams. - Financial and professional support for candidates with interest in politics and public service. - Partial payment and support to file for immigration purposes. - Sponsorship to attend leadership summit worldwide.
  • Job search assistance
    Job search assistance: resume and interview assistance. Career advise, job referrals and in house hiring.
  • Financial awards & club recognition
    Awards and recognition for learning new languages. Partial finance for startup businesses. (not more than $10000) Assistance and sponsorship for book writing and authoring.
  • Quarterly informational seminars
    An informational session to educate members on the following: Annual income tax filing requirements. Credit building process. Home buying and flipping. Filing Immigration paperwork.


Lydia Johnson Onyeneke


PCCC is such an amazing career club that have supported people both in business and career and I am not left out, this club has been of help to me financially in business,career and knowledge aspect, I will always be grateful to this wonderful club, thanks to PCCC

Samuel Ajala

President, National Union of Campus Journalists (NUCJ) and Executive Director of DANI Africa.

PCCC has been a great platform for enhancing my career and professional growth. The club has actually helped me to realize my vision of holding a global summit of connecting young change makers to the top. PCCC is the best plug for personal and career development..

Godwin Ike Okafor

Real Estate Agent

I want to express my gratitude towards the various opportunities and benefits which the PCCC provides to its members, these benefits assisted me in acquiring a professional license in Real Estate in the State of Maryland, USA 🇺🇲.